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Jan 07

Many ask, “What are some needs Rainbow Town has right now?” We have compiled a list of both ongoing and one-time needs for Ma Feeta and the children. Would you consider linking arms with us and providing for these incredible children and their brave caretaker, Ma Feeta?

You can truly make a difference. Here’s how:

Jan 07

17-year-old smiling-all-the-time Moses Kolleh died on November 13th from Lassa fever, a treatable disease. In Liberia, however, necessary diagnosis is often slow and medication is sparse or non-existent. In honor of a life well-lived and cut so drastically short, SHINE announces the initiation of the Moses Kolleh Memorial Fund. All donations will help the children receive medical care in a timely fashion. Two of the older kids are in need of medical care as we speak. Can you contribute to Moses’s fund? You can do so at the online store. We lost Moses too soon, but his memorial can protect his brothers and sisters.

Jan 06


Name: Earnest Vah
Age: 11
Tribe: Kpelle
Grade: 2nd

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Jan 05

Recently, the Rainbow Town children journaled several stories, memories, how-to’s and funny sayings to share with the world. Check out a selection below:

What’s your favorite memory of a Christmas celebration?

By: Nowah
2nd Grade

How do you make a friend laugh?

By: John Dolo
High School

What is God doing at Rainbow Town?

“God’s Goodness”
By: Meschach Joe
5th grade

Jan 02

A team of five flew to W. Africa to visit Rainbow Town. Trip highlights include: getting to know the unique story and personality of each child through a story-writing project, building a latrine, setting up a small chicken farm, giving the children new bikes and soccer gear, checking the children’s progress in classes, laughing with Mother Feeta, and spending time on the beach with the Rainbow Town college students. See photos from the trip on the Rainbow Town Facebook page.