The Crew

Lauren Selmon Roberts (Director, Camera, Editor)

Lauren worked with Ma Feeta and her children in Liberia for nearly two years prior to cameras rolling. With a background in broadcast journalism and a Master of Fine Arts degree, she merges the news and fine art. Lauren comes from an animated family of 9, two of which are adopted from Rainbow Town. Read Lauren’s director’s statement here.

Amy Elrod (Still Photographer)

A professional photojournalist based in Kansas City, Missouri, who graduated with a degree in visual communications from Ohio University and specializes in social documentary storytelling. Amy comes from a long line of photographers and still remembers the day she picked up her first manual camera. The rest is history ….

Will Roberts (Sound)

Will stands out for more reasons than being 6’7” tall. He is an artist from Miami, Florida, who specializes in audio production and 3D animation. He has a background in African studies and has produced music for over 15 years. His sketchbook never leaves his side, and he has a thing for poetry and cooking.

Shine Foundation (Funding & Support)

The Rainbow Town documentary was made possible by funding from the Shine Foundation