The Effort

“Education, that when I die, my effort will not go in vain.”
–Ma Feeta

Ma Feeta’s effort has become our effort.

With this film, we want to garner attention and resources to send war-affected Liberian students to school. With 60 percent of Liberia’s population under the age of 20, the nation’s future is dependent on the knowledge and skills of its youth.

An estimated 182,000 of those youth live in 128 orphanages around Liberia. Access to education is a determining factor in the lives they will lead after leaving orphanage care.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf feels the importance and urgency of education. “We don’t want to see children just sitting around all day and not obtaining skills. Those that become older ones, what do we do with them? These are issues that need to be addressed.”

A typical U.S. student pays a total of $57,000 USD for college. It’s over $100,000 USD to go out-of-state and $136,000 USD for private institutions (

$2,000 USD pays for an entire college education for a Liberian student.

UNICEF maintains that an exit strategy that includes access to education must be put in place for children who reach the age of 18 and leave orphanage care. “Without education, what kind of present and what kind of future are these children going to have?” said Fatuma Ibrahim, UNICEF-Liberia Head of Child Protection.

We join the effort to work so that war-affected Liberian students have improved access to education. All proceeds of Rainbow Town™: The Documentary will go to the education of war-affected Liberian students.

Join the effort.

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