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Grassroots Rainbow Town Screening in Washington!

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Grassroots Rainbow Town Screening in Washington!

Rainbow Town storms Washington! That’s Washington, Oklahoma of course!

Twenty minutes from the hometown of Rainbow Town Director Lauren Selmon Roberts, a group of volunteers headed up by Amanda Deshotels coordinated a grassroots Rainbow Town screening.

The small town evening in America’s heartland was a huge success for Rainbow Town, which is located an ocean away in a rural West African village.

There was free popcorn for everyone. The Director shared about the making of the movie. A Q&A followed the film screening. And, the community looked at Rainbow Town Art, which was on display around the venue.

Contributions from the night will cover expenses for a semester of college for 12 Liberian students.

With a population of under 600, the community of Washington proved that you don’t have to live in a big city to make a global impact.

Read here to find out how your community can be a part of the Rainbow Town effort.