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Rainbow Town Art to NY Fashion Week!

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Rainbow Town Art to NY Fashion Week!

Rainbow Town Bag for First 3 Rows

This weekend, Rainbow Town Art teams up with designer Korto Momolu at New York Fashion Week.

The one-of-a-kind Rainbow Town painting exhibit will be on display during the showing of Korto’s Spring Collection on September 12th. The first three rows of guests will receive a Rainbow Town bag full of all sorts of Rainbow Town fun!

You likely know Korto from Season 5 of Project Runway. She is from Liberia but left in 1990 due to the war.

Korto, Koffa, & Lauren

Her work is now known internationally, but she remains influenced by her West African roots and regularly uses her talents for humanitarian causes.

This year, she shared her incredible success story at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, which is where she met Rainbow Town Director Lauren Selmon Roberts.

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