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Thank You, The Wish Came True!

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Thank You, The Wish Came True!

On January 20, 2011, we launched a video about Lauren’s 28th birthday wish. She wanted to use her birthday for something bigger than herself by raising money for war orphans in Liberia to go to school. Her goal was to sell 28 Rainbow Town paintings by the end of January.

We had no idea what the outcome would be, but we were thrilled to announce that by January 26, the actual day of Lauren’s birthday, we had surpassed our goal by selling 30 paintings. Time and again, throughout the journey, we were moved by the results.

The very first painting was purchased from Chile. There were also purchases from Afghanistan, Liberia, the UK and Canada.

An Oklahoma family bought 6 paintings. Four people said they really did not have the money to buy a painting, but that they were going to because they wanted to support the effort.

The 28th person simply walked in and handed us a $100 dollar bill. She said her life had been touched by someone and now she wanted to pay it forward.

With every single painting sold, we were moved. We were moved that a group of people from around the globe collectively raised their hands and said, “Yes, I’ll buy art so that a war orphan in Liberia can go to school.”

Thanks to everyone who played a role in the process, especially to those who helped us spread the word and to those who bought art. Here is a video from Lauren personally thanking everyone who helped make her birthday wish come true.

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Below are 28 of the 30 paintings that were sold, or in other words, the art that has been turned into education.

And, finally, please remember that more beautiful paintings are always available at our store. Also, if you are interested in committing your birthday for the Rainbow Town effort, please contact us at info@rainbowtown.org.