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Dec 10

Have a name, phrase or Scripture that you love & would like to hang on your wall? For a limited time, the Rainbow Town children can customize a painting just for you! Details on the flyer!Custom Rainbow Town Artwork

Jan 07

Many ask, “What are some needs Rainbow Town has right now?” We have compiled a list of both ongoing and one-time needs for Ma Feeta and the children. Would you consider linking arms with us and providing for these incredible children and their brave caretaker, Ma Feeta?

You can truly make a difference. Here’s how:

Jan 07

17-year-old smiling-all-the-time Moses Kolleh died on November 13th from Lassa fever, a treatable disease. In Liberia, however, necessary diagnosis is often slow and medication is sparse or non-existent. In honor of a life well-lived and cut so drastically short, SHINE announces the initiation of the Moses Kolleh Memorial Fund. All donations will help the children receive medical care in a timely fashion. Two of the older kids are in need of medical care as we speak. Can you contribute to Moses’s fund? You can do so at the online store. We lost Moses too soon, but his memorial can protect his brothers and sisters.

Jan 05

Recently, the Rainbow Town children journaled several stories, memories, how-to’s and funny sayings to share with the world. Check out a selection below:

What’s your favorite memory of a Christmas celebration?

By: Nowah
2nd Grade

How do you make a friend laugh?

By: John Dolo
High School

What is God doing at Rainbow Town?

“God’s Goodness”
By: Meschach Joe
5th grade

Jan 02

A team of five flew to W. Africa to visit Rainbow Town. Trip highlights include: getting to know the unique story and personality of each child through a story-writing project, building a latrine, setting up a small chicken farm, giving the children new bikes and soccer gear, checking the children’s progress in classes, laughing with Mother Feeta, and spending time on the beach with the Rainbow Town college students. See photos from the trip on the Rainbow Town Facebook page.

Sep 30

Aug 31

School Campaign for Liberia

30 Days.
30 Paintings.
30 Chances to Impact a Life.

It’s simple.

For the month of September, each day you’ll have a chance to impact the lives of the Rainbow Town children by purchasing, promoting and sharing their artwork. 100% of all proceeds will go to their educational needs. It’s ART 4 SCHOOL.

First, we’ll feature a painting and the Rainbow Town child who created it.

Then, it’s your chance to impact a life!  Fun ways to make a difference:

  • Purchase a painting for your home, classroom, church, or business!
  • Have a birthday in September? Challenge people to purchase your birthday’s painting.
  • Challenge your sorority, youth group, class, team, or any other group to fundraise and purchase a painting.
  • Choose a painting and promote to all your Facebook friends, Twitter followers to encourage people to join the ART 4 SCHOOL campaign and purchase.

Our goal is to sell all 30 paintings by September 30th, which will keep teachers in Rainbow Town’s primary school as well as pay for high school and college tuition.

Every dollar counts. Continued, quality education will enable the Rainbow Town children to emerge out of poverty, achieve their educational dreams, and reach for their fullest potential.

That’s 30 days, featuring 30 paintings giving you 30 chances to impact a life!

Join the ART4SCHOOL Campaign on Facebook! “Like” the Rainbow Town Facebook page and follow each day, each painting and each opportunity to impact a life this September!

Apr 21

The Rainbow Town documentary recently won the Feature Film/Documentary category of the esteemed Wilbur Awards, which were held at Heifer International in Little Rock, Arkansas. Click here for a full list of Wilbur Award winners and enjoy photos from the evening below.

Apr 07

The award-winning Rainbow Town documentary is now available on DVD!

If you would like to purchase a copy, visit the Rainbow Town store here. The DVD features the 76-minute movie, as well as, a variety of special features, including an update on the Rainbow Town children, a slide show of Rainbow Town images, and a full interview with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The movie synopsis follows: With war raging around her, she had to make a choice: to protect the orphaned children forced into her life or abandon them and go in search of her own family. With no money and no food, both choices seemed impossible. Rainbow Town is the staggering true story of Feeta Naimen and the children who call her mother.

See this film and be forever changed.

Jan 28

On January 20, 2011, we launched a video about Lauren’s 28th birthday wish. She wanted to use her birthday for something bigger than herself by raising money for war orphans in Liberia to go to school. Her goal was to sell 28 Rainbow Town paintings by the end of January.

We had no idea what the outcome would be, but we were thrilled to announce that by January 26, the actual day of Lauren’s birthday, we had surpassed our goal by selling 30 paintings. Time and again, throughout the journey, we were moved by the results.

The very first painting was purchased from Chile. There were also purchases from Afghanistan, Liberia, the UK and Canada.

An Oklahoma family bought 6 paintings. Four people said they really did not have the money to buy a painting, but that they were going to because they wanted to support the effort.

The 28th person simply walked in and handed us a $100 dollar bill. She said her life had been touched by someone and now she wanted to pay it forward.

With every single painting sold, we were moved. We were moved that a group of people from around the globe collectively raised their hands and said, “Yes, I’ll buy art so that a war orphan in Liberia can go to school.”

Thanks to everyone who played a role in the process, especially to those who helped us spread the word and to those who bought art. Here is a video from Lauren personally thanking everyone who helped make her birthday wish come true.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Below are 28 of the 30 paintings that were sold, or in other words, the art that has been turned into education.

And, finally, please remember that more beautiful paintings are always available at our store. Also, if you are interested in committing your birthday for the Rainbow Town effort, please contact us at

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