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Jan 24

For her 28th birthday, Rainbow Town: The Documentary Director Lauren Selmon Roberts made the wish to sell 28 Rainbow Town Paintings. She did so because with each art piece sold, a war-affected child gets the gift of education. In other words, her real wish is to help 28 war-affected children get a step closer to reaching their educational goals. The art is bright, bold, and completely original. In the video below, Lauren talks about the art and her birthday wish. If you want to help make the wish come true, buy art at the Rainbow Town store.

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Jan 09

As we jump in to a new year, Rainbow Town takes a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2010! Join us as the fun continues in 2011. Click here to find out how!

Jan 07

Rainbow Town Art is featured in this month’s edition of Silk – a magazine for women. The article tells the journey of Oklahoman Kathryn Selmon, who adopted two children originally from Rainbow Town and who voluntarily commits long, hard hours to the Rainbow Town effort. Click here to see the full magazine.

Jan 06

Children have dreams. They want to find their place in the world and change it. No matter where they live, what their life circumstance is, or how difficult their future may be, they want to achieve their dreams.

Fifteen-year-old Taylor has a dream – to one day become a civil engineer so he can build up the infrastructure of his country, Liberia. He wants to improve the war-torn roads leading into Rainbow Town, the small, rural orphanage he calls home. In the video clip below, listen as Taylor shares his aspirations for the future.

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On the other side of the world, 70 middle school and high school students from Missouri’s Odessa First Baptist Church have a dream – to become world-changers.

Rainbow Town:  The Documentary was screened at Odessa Baptist Church’s youth retreat. The youth sat and listened to the stories of Taylor, Alice, and Faith – all children their own age – as they shared the horrors of the Liberian civil war they survived, as well as, their hopes and dreams for the future.

After the film, the middle school and high school students actually became world-changers by donating $500 to the education of war-affected Liberian children like Taylor. The money they raised will provide two full semesters of college education for one Liberian child.

This is the power of children helping children.

Why do we care about others? Why is important to help our brothers and sisters from other cities, communities, states, countries, and cultures? Because we’re more alike than different …we all have dreams.

Learn more about Rainbow Town’s effort to send war-affected Liberian children to school and the many ways you can join the effort!

Dec 19

Nov 30

Tonight in New York City, Rainbow Town Director Lauren Selmon Roberts won the Eastern Region of the Best African American Student Filmmaker Award from the Director’s Guild of America. Lee Daniels, the Director of Oscar-Winning Precious, presented her with the award. Read a full article in The Southern Illinoisan about the event here! Read the official release from the Director’s Guild about the award here!

Nov 24

Rainbow Town Art was on exhibit and the film screened at A New Community Church in Dallas, Texas. The church is a beautiful blend of homeless singles, African immigrants, and Dallas suburbanites. The conversation following the film was extremely engaging, definitely one of the best yet. The Rainbow Town team was inspired and honored to be a part. Thanks to Mrs. Kathy Keasler and the rest of A New Community. A special thanks to Stephen Slatt. Stephen, who currently lives out of his truck, said he wanted to give something special to Rainbow Town, but had no money to spare. He decided to give his brown, rugged Bible. Inside, he wrote, “With Love,” and signed his name.

Nov 18

Rainbow Town premiers at the Museum of Tolerance International Film Festival in Los Angeles! The scope of the festival is to explore human rights issues and prevent hatred through the medium of film. The Rainbow Town story, which tells of a group of children orphaned by Liberia’s war, fits splendidly into the scope of the festival. During the 6-day event, a variety of films including The Way Back, Iron Cross, and Strangers No More screen in theatres throughout the internationally renowned Museum of Tolerance. Director Lauren Selmon Roberts and Photographer Amy Elrod attend the festivities and field questions during Q&A sessions held after Rainbow Town screenings. Lauren, Amy, and the rest of the crew are honored that the premiere is held in beautiful Southern California at a one-of-a-kind institution committed to human rights and positive change.

Nov 10

Rainbow Town storms Washington! That’s Washington, Oklahoma of course!

Twenty minutes from the hometown of Rainbow Town Director Lauren Selmon Roberts, a group of volunteers headed up by Amanda Deshotels coordinated a grassroots Rainbow Town screening.

The small town evening in America’s heartland was a huge success for Rainbow Town, which is located an ocean away in a rural West African village.

There was free popcorn for everyone. The Director shared about the making of the movie. A Q&A followed the film screening. And, the community looked at Rainbow Town Art, which was on display around the venue.

Contributions from the night will cover expenses for a semester of college for 12 Liberian students.

With a population of under 600, the community of Washington proved that you don’t have to live in a big city to make a global impact.

Read here to find out how your community can be a part of the Rainbow Town effort.

Oct 20

Rainbow Town Art partners again with Designer Korto Momolu – this time in Washington DC at the CW’s Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo. Korto’s booth blends fashion and art, and all for a cause. Her handbags and jewelry are for sale right along with Rainbow Town Art, photos, bags, and t-shirts. The Washington Convention center is full of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vendors. Runway shows happen throughout the day. Korto’s collection is the grand finale, and on stage at the end, she shares the story and effort of Rainbow Town with the crowd. The day is a stylish fuse of Korto’s fashion and Rainbow Town Art – joined in the effort to help send war-affected Liberian students to college. Click here to see Korto talk about fashion in Washington DC and Rainbow Town!