With war raging around her, she had to make a choice; to protect the orphaned children forced into her life or abandon them and go in search of her own family. Her name is Mother Feeta, and she wanted the children to live. So today, seven years since fighting ceased, at a rural Liberian farm named Rainbow Town, they live. All 86 of them.

Fueled by an original soundtrack by the children and narrated by Mother Feeta, three of her children, and Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, this documentary unearths the price of war, while illustrating the strength of the human spirit. Major problems constantly face Rainbow Town, but clinging to faith and each other, Mother Feeta and her children must find a way to overcome.

Main Characters

Ma Feeta Naimen - The Rainbow Town story starts with Ma Feeta and her decision to protect and raise the Rainbow Town children. Her entire life is now devoted to their care. In her mid-60’s, Ma Feeta is a respected and well-known leader in her rural community, but she suffers from poor health. She is sometimes called “Mother Feeta” or simply “Mother”.

Faith Kolleh – Gifted with a beautiful voice, young Faith is often the Rainbow Town song leader. She loves to sing because she remembers her real mother singing to her before being killed in Liberia’s war. Faith’s biological sister, Phebe, also lives at Rainbow Town.

Taylor Johnson –Taylor lost sight of his parents during the war and has not seen them since. Wise beyond his years but characterized by playfulness, Taylor is a leader amongst the Rainbow Town boys. He dreams of one day traveling outside Liberia but says he will always return to look after Ma Feeta.

Alice Joseph – Alice is one of the oldest Rainbow Town girls and has vivid memories of the war. She considers Ma Feeta to be her real mother after losing her own mother and being separated from her father when she was little. Alice works tirelessly to educate herself in Liberia’s schooling system.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – President Sirleaf is Liberia’s current President and the first female head of state in Africa. She paints a picture of the current state of Liberia and how its children play a dynamic role in the rejuvenation of the country. The full interview with President Sirleaf is available on the official Rainbow Town™ DVD.